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Conversation Between Norm and Wrench

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  1. Haha na it's all good, just had alot of down time at work being it's out of season so it gave me something to do. Next game someone else is going to have to run being I'll be gone the 1st two weeks of July.
  2. I'll buy ya something off your wishlist during the steam sale for doing all this work. I'll bother ya when it's on for whatcha want or whatever.

    Nobody seems to notice how well you did. Entitled bastards. Too busy whining about their rankings.
  3. Just do 12. The last 4 would all lose anyways. IDK why they're taking it so personal. They have to know they can't win the whole thing, let alone a playoff game. But it's like we all said they were football idiots or something.

    Like RN4L clearly had the worst team, still complains.

    EDIT: I mean I don't care either way. I guess 16 would seem to make them happy, I don't effing
  4. So what are we doing with the NFL game? Going ahead with the 12? Or?
  5. Yeah should go for twenty. Not a huge difference I guess but that was sort of the bare minimum in my head.
  6. Yea sounds good, shoot for possibly starting this weekend. If we allow that one newb in that gives us 19 teams. Same as last year's game but yea would love more. Maybe get KJ and bhawk to split.
  7. Should we start sign ins today ya think? Idk. I want more but I don't want to delay forever.
  8. Cool cool.I figured you had asked but wasn't sure
  9. Already sent Soop a PM yesterday about it on both, hasn't been on since I did.
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