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Conversation Between Norm and TDjacksonville

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    Operation New England South is LEGIT
  2. remember when Super said that the Pats arent gonna lose Jimmy in FA this year well unless Jimmy is giving a Massive Hometown discount(they have a Projected around 18 million in free cap) they likely wont be able to retain him and Upgrade their defense.
  3. i already started looking for guys to Stump the truck on NFl network on the draft. found some Extremely small school guys lol. i did get a Player mentioned and Looked up when i tweeted them S Donald Payne Stetson(its a semi-local Local Private College)
  4. You should get your clubhouse in order as there is no players listed
  5. Let's see where I get voted after you told me like half of my picks lol
  6. Otc nfl
  7. Your otc
  8. Your pm's are full
  9. What a waste of good talent
  10. Yeah I saw it yesterday. Pretty funny lol
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