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Conversation Between Norm and koldjerky

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  1. Lol I missed those.

    Mamba is gonna chew my *** for starting it again but he's the clown he replied to me trying to say he predicted it.
  2. quite apparent. I love his real life stories too. He's saved a dying armadillo in a broken down tree that hung over a 50 mile drop into the caverns of guadalupe. He's given his coat to a freezing man who turned out to be billionare down on his luck.

    Like, come on.
  3. It's pretty obvious nobody in real life will talk to him so he needs attention
  4. well it's nice having a debate with other teams. I love arguing sports but not with trolls and people like him. I talk ****/talk sports with a giants and a redskins fan at work almost every day.
  5. yet everyone begged for him to come back.

    He's out of control
  6. surf decided to troll right away saying that he was nostradamus for saying the eagles were going to trade him for a corner and that he heard it from the radio and that we (the posters) will never learn. myself and young replied to him and he basically kept saying he burned us all.

    I don't know why, but this dude is making me crazy. Like, I want him banned. :cry:
  7. What the hell happened in that Matthews thread lolol
  8. Haha. No problem.
  9. Sorry I didn't get back to you over the weekend. Worked great through that nightlies link. Now, the tricky part is getting my girlfriend to be able to do it without my help lol.

    Thanks again, man.
  10. I used irc and Usenet a lot way back then. Then torrents. Anything I would watch is on the mainstream pirate android apps is my feel and they are all pretty slick.

    I don't torrent a ton either these days but for no good reason lol
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