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Conversation Between Norm and koldjerky

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  1. I'm enjoying acting like him But yes, let's.
  2. Let's let him talk to himself tomorrow.
  3. That's when we do the mock though
  4. I honestly completely forgot about it until I noticed a new post in the redraft section. I think it's hard to do one right now. Right after the season is always better.
  5. Sigh. Bout ready to already give up on it.
  6. Bdawk and I are out of the redraft. doesn't effect anything, just move everyone up one. He has no time and I'm meh on it.
  7. stupid tapatalk and no VMs. I'm guessing it's the madden thread. If so, hilarious! Boston fans are really turning into being unbearable.
  8. Since jbay wanted to be a DB and troll....I guess I'll play
  9. I'd at least look into them. There are a lot more channels on Vue/Sling than you'd think. Definitely check out Vue, I'd say. I got 2 of my friends on Vue and they don't regret it one bit and the one's wife is the same way as yours, needs the tube.
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