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Conversation Between Norm and koldjerky

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  1. stupid tapatalk and no VMs. I'm guessing it's the madden thread. If so, hilarious! Boston fans are really turning into being unbearable.
  2. Since jbay wanted to be a DB and troll....I guess I'll play
  3. I'd at least look into them. There are a lot more channels on Vue/Sling than you'd think. Definitely check out Vue, I'd say. I got 2 of my friends on Vue and they don't regret it one bit and the one's wife is the same way as yours, needs the tube.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I actually know someone who has it now just down the street, he sort of said the same things but he tolerates it for how much cheaper it is.

    Stuck with cable anyways, the old lady would go mad without it I think. lol
  5. So, just went and looked at a thread from September in the Video Game/Tech Support forum (shows how often I go in there) and I made a thread about Sling Tv. You asked if I tried it to tell you my experience.

    Not sure if you still want to know, but I didn't like Sling TV. Too choppy for me and not enough channels/local sports. My one friend loves it though. I did, in I think November, go and get Playstation Vue, they offer the local sports station which sucked me in. $45.99/mo but it varies depending on your region. It's worth it and I've been using it since with no plans on terming it. Never have buffering issues and it has unlimited cloud DVR. offers like 50+ channels I think. Also have like 4 different packages. If you're still interested, 9 months later haha, here you go.
  6. I guess but is it that they are so far in the hole that they can't dig out?
  7. Because subconsciously they all know it probably helped and they are terrified to let anyone know that
  8. Why? Why is this happening??
  9. It's only cheating if you prove they won games from it.
  10. ohhhh... that's lolworthy.
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