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Conversation Between Norm and BDawk4Prez

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  1. You're just a miserable person with no life.

    I'm green monster. ***** falls out of my pockets
  2. Yeah I got that much.
  3. Read the offseason thread
  4. so
  5. Holy hell green monster and surf have to be the same person.
  6. He has like a 65 iq and it's obvious. He really thinks hes smart. That's the fun part.
  7. It's comical. Now he's calling people out for their "hunches" but laying claim to glassy eyes, the look, and no credit to all pros. It's dumb.
  8. These guys are the most dense people alive....

    I was gonna have a nervous breakdown if I kept reading that trash.
  9. Wondering why I spend so much time here anymore. Between this and surf rapping about laws it's depressing. You can't have good discussion anymore.
  10. If players can't wear Gucci cleats it means patriots are innocent.
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