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Conversation Between Norm and BDawk4Prez

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  1. Get in there this is gold
  2. books are in the editorial process longer than last season.

    I didn't even know what he was talking about the whole time.
  3. I'm pretty certain that what surf is claiming Arians to have put in his book is from this article...

    It's not Bruce saying those things about Dak, it's someone comparing what was said to how Dallas fans my see Dak. Please let this be the case. PLEAZEEEEEE!
  4. Ignore surf week.
  5. Mg is cuckoo for cocoa puffs
  6. You're just a miserable person with no life.

    I'm green monster. ***** falls out of my pockets
  7. Yeah I got that much.
  8. Read the offseason thread
  9. so
  10. Holy hell green monster and surf have to be the same person.
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