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Conversation Between warfelg and Norm

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  1. Doesn't shock me. I heard some things about the Steelers board this year that was kind shocking. Like 6 guys in the first 2 rounds that they had off the board completely.
  2. I just saw that Steelers scout saw Trubisky has the head of Tebow lolololol

  3. I only saw he wanted to make a thread. I'll go look.

    I don't trust new accs that want to play PSD games. It's suspicious as all hell but we need all we can get.
  4. I dunno. He talks a lot in the draft forum and is making some pretty outrageous claims too.
  5. So who is elijah. a dupe of lol
  6. He's voted against me before. I remember because I made fun of him lol. I think it's the last time we did this
  7. LOL.

    Yea, I really wish more people explained their votes. Doesn't need to be a 500 word essay, but even like I tried to do with the Seattle/GB one; I like Seattle because the DL is nasty.

    I just noticed Packerbum keeps voting for you too. LOL, he's never commented in the 3 years, but votes. lol
  8. I gotta admit. I'm pretty surprised I made it to the last four. After I realized how much money I had... Not surprising but when I first took them I had no idea
  9. Well we're even lol. Player always votes against me.

    I wish the guys who play the game at least made some effort to explain votes lol
  10. I'm out at the bar or I'd write something up.

    Honestly I lost motivation for this lol
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