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Conversation Between warfelg and Jags4Life

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  1. Not many Steelers fans would like that. He's not a good fit for the defense and most have a 2nd round grade on him anyways.
  2. Here's an updated pick for me for the Steelers. Demarcus Walker. However they don't expect him to be there for them.
  3. lol yeah. at first i would be too. like **** i get to have henne throwing to me... then you talk to gus and jedd (OC) and youre like damn. im ready to play. he will like catching from bortles next year and many years to come!
  4. He's excited. At first he was a little bummed. But then he talked to Gus and the OC a bit and now he's stoked. He's happy to work with Lee and Bortles. I bet him Lee and Shorts are going to make a dynamic trio.
  5. Is he excited???
  6. Hell yeah! Got your boy!
  7. I agree. He's gonna be a stud for you guys

    I'd love your boy in Jax.

    I was glad Kelvin went to Carolina. He was pumped when I talked to him

    I wouldn't mind XSF or bitino for the jags either. Sure up the OL for bortles.
  8. I love it. I think we hit a home run. I thought he would be gone.

    I love Bortles for you guys. If you grab Amaro/ASJ and a WR today you guys got something going.
  9. Happy with your pick?
  10. Everything I've read and heard is Pitt loved Benjamin today.
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