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Conversation Between Norm and unleashthebeast

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  1. kikhaha me
  2. I got so annoyed when I saw the Jimmie ward comment. Even if he's getting moved he's been a good nickel corner.

    He doesn't know anything about either team without Google but I'm personally attacking him because I know it?

    These games are watered down to pure stats and pff. It's a joke. I wish I had my bar conversation with a buddy on Thursday recorded. We talked football for literally 3 hours non stop. No internet. But that's all half these guys do. There's no point.

    My only hope is voting after could save it. More projection and less all what pff just said?
  3. Oh definitely. As soon as I read his first post in the original thread I knew what road we were going down with this matchup.
  4. I was hard on him but it's true and he knows it. That's why he played victim right away.
  5. Hilarious stuff in my revote thread haha
  6. Mom and dad must've turned the wi-fi back on
  7. Baller posted in the chat today
  8. Too many guys who just don't know enough players. They used to have co's but yeah...

    Is baller still dead
  9. It's the same **** we get from all of the ****** new GMs. Make a team that isn't terrible and we'll rank them accordingly.
  10. Tim Wright is one of the best backups...not even one of the best backups on one of 32 nfl teams! I'M JUST NEW SO I DON'T GET RESPECT.
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