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Conversation Between Norm and QB_Eagles

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  1. I'm not.. maybe I'll find a minute to do it
  2. Are you in the DraftKings Billion Dollar contest?
  3. No
  4. Was it bdawk
  5. So Wentz went and saw a Flyers game yesterday.

    This is then commented upon by a fan on an Eagles blog about how it shows the way Carson embraces the whole city (by now having attended a Sixers, Phillies and Flyers game) as opposed to McNabb (who only ever attended Sixers games apparently) and a sign of why Wentz is going to win a Super Bowl unlike McNabb.

    *mind blown*

    How much of an idiot fanboi do you have to be?

    Unfortunately I'm drawn to this kind of stupidity and can't quit reading and responding to it.
  6. Keep up the good fight against the NE Super Homers
  7. I have no clue. I think it might do more harm than good.

    We'll see. I know a handful from FB, there was a FB group thing for a while.
  8. I have no clue if it's a good idea or not. Are these formerly banned users even expected to come back?
  9. I kind of thing this is a bad idea but I get it. What you think
  10. Already been told he isn't one of them
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