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Conversation Between Norm and DeW-Star

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  1. Melenials lol. It just hit me. He probably doesn't know what that word actually means lol
  2. lol that's perfect, a millennial going on an idiot melanials rant. I'm kind of mad I've missed seeing this guy until now.
  3. No he's not e even foreign lol. He's in his 20s too I think. He's so strange. He talks just he's smarter than everyone but it's obvious he's low iq lol. He makes me laugh.
  4. dude seriously... I legit almost had to seriously ask if he was 2 years old or like a foreign person who just learned English. I think I thrive off of people who call other people idiots as they make themselves look insanely stupid as they do it.

    Exhibit A: Surf when he gets going

    I hope he's not actually a special ed dude cause then I'm going to feel like a reeaalll ******* lol.
  5. Lol that kyben just screams ex special Ed student. He's always talking down to people and you can just tell something is up with him lol
  6. It's kind of clever. He makes rushing yards with a ton. Which tends to help black qbs. He also has meaningless crap. QB only gets credit for 53 percent of his yards....but he applies that to all qbs. It doesn't change anything. It could be any percentage and the ranks wouldn't change. Good luck telling him that though
  7. lol That guy is absolutely unreal. Your post that was in that one forum that disappeared is so true in regards to him. I'll admit though I would always stop by his threads so I could just sit back and watch Slash eviscerate him over and over again.

    It's really is so painfully obvious his agenda.
  8. It was Lionel saying dak is 3x better than Wentz with his little stat even though their stats were virtually identical and so was the average defensive ranks
  9. ****, I just saw that I had PMs and now that page is all gone. What did I miss?
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