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Conversation Between Wrigheyes4MVP and Bellz

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  1. Done
  2. Empty your PM storage
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajahhahahahahahah hahahahahahah
  4. Sorry about your grandmother...hope you and your family pull through.
  5. Def not right now. He is in line for a mega-push. Vince loves him and it'll take more then Kelly Kelly(who i would lvoe to have) to get him. Think I may have gotten the steal of the draft in the 5th round with Ryback
  6. I'm guessing you are not looking to trade him at all lol
  7. Not a chance hahaha.
  8. Kelly Kelly for Ryback?
  9. Any interested in your 3rd and 6th for my 4th and 5th?
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