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Conversation Between Wrigheyes4MVP and Norm

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  1. He actually messaged me one day asking why nobody talks to him anymore. Lol.

    Hes a riot but it's warn thin lol
  2. Lol fine... he's not going away though. He knows too much about life.
  3. I'll admit Tyrod is the GOAT if you stop talking to CCRider so he goes away.
  4. Its no big deal...I enjoy the debates.
  5. Not trying to spew Giants hate or start a big spat. Just throwing out my dead honest opinion. I know it's typically troll bait stuff a lot. I'm just speaking what my logic is telling me when I listen to sports coverage.
  6. I'm starting to really enjoy this whole Gabbert trash talk...simply because its distracting people away from Eli trash talk. It makes that mess a bit easier for me to clean up. Thanks buddy and keep up the good work.
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