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Conversation Between whooligun and StriveGreatness

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  1. Sorry, I was actually debating whether to take CJ or Watt over a QB, but decided to get our QB out of the way with Peyton

    What player(s)/positions do you think we should target in the 2nd and 3rd?
  2. Wanted Calvin over a QB
  3. we got the #2 pick in the NFL redraft

    I'll check in for us
  4. sounds good to me
  5. The Honolulu Blues

    I can make a sweet logo too
  6. haven't really thought of a team name yet. Something based around Honolulu would be fine. Rolled up 20s would be cool too.
  7. Team name? The elite kickers? The rolled up 20s? The Honolulu Blue?
  8. Sure thing, thanks for asking!
  9. hey whooligun, are you interested in teaming up in the NFL Redraft with me?
  10. you're up
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