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Conversation Between whooligun and Cub_StuckinSTL

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  1. they had been trying to for a while it was for trolling a cubs mod
  2. haha what did you do? Was it worth it?
  3. they permabanned me lol
  4. Desperate times. Where did you go?
  5. they made you a TM?
  6. Otcccc
  7. We need his attitude back there. He's still a lot less overrated than Delmas. Plus he actually plays.
  8. Oh yeah. But tbh not signing goldson was good he's ridiculously over rated.
  9. Me either.

    Why we re-signed Delmas is a huge mystery to me. Not sure if we could have afforded Byrd or Goldson, but a secondary with:

    Houston - Quin - Byrd/Goldson - Slay

    is pretty sweet. Delmas will be 7 snaps, be hurt for all of them and we will be rolling with 47 replacements all year. Just like we have been doing for the last few years. Its a joke.

    The LB position is overrated, but still...having a guy like Tulloch in the middle with our wide 9 style is insane. When Tuloch goes...I am happy.

    Our roster is built to score points though, so as long as our D-line can sustain pressure, we are in any game. When they cant get to the QB (see New Orleans playoff game), we are toast.
  10. top 16 isn't a stretch but I dont like that secondary or lbers at all.
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