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Conversation Between CityofTreez and D12 fan

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  1. lmao you a wild boy.
  2. I belong to a gang of gangs...

    Is he a blood, is he a crip?
    Is he this, is he that?
    Streets is Watching!
  3. You Blood gang? 6poppin 5 droppin
  4. *****, that's something lil Romeo would say...
  5. I'm trill to the core my nig u aint bouty bouty uh nah naw na nah
  6. Nig, I have that new Pope praying for me.

    In Spanish....wat now punky brewster!
  7. Im talk'n dat Trap House Thuggin in da kitchen whippin up dat pirex.
  8. What's you know bout thuggin?
  9. Nig, Break yourself!
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