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Conversation Between CityofTreez and CubbieSteve

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  1. It's been a long time. Those seats must shine like the summer sun and are blessed with the fragrance of Treez. Beefeater ain't got nothin on my boy Treez
  2. I drank a bottle of gin/pissed on a few toilet seats, and got my hand on a computer.

    I, immediately needed to tell Steve!
  3. I'm livin Tha Life Steve!

    Hope everything is good for yourself, and still Midwest swangin!

    Yeah, Worley left, but he'll never be forgotten!
  4. Treez...just checking in. Upon entering your visitor message wall I was slapped in the face with some heavy smoke and hints of Fuschia.

    Hope all is well. I'm sorry about Worley no longer being a part of your squad. I picked him up in fantasy about ten minutes ago. Keep them hoes in check on the West Coast for me.
  5. Fulfill your destiny.
  6. Yeah, I want to visit Japan too. Hella taller than all then Japanese men, and my wink will attract the geishas like a perfume. I'm taking a Chinese interpretation class this year, and my oriental game is up and coming.

    My dream is to visit Greece. I will do it.
  7. Right on. My focus is Japan. I want to go there soon, watch sumo and smile as the women worship me...a white American man
  8. Greek mythology / Europe

    I didn't want to go the US History route, I am too enthralled in the Greek historians.....plato, aristotle, and Thucydides.
  9. I didn't know you were a history major. Me too. What area are you specializing in Treez?
  10. You nailed it Treez. I'm a man on a mission tonight, they dumped me in the mighty Pacific, I know must find my way back, while I slay hot ass mermaids along the way...drank some margaritas for me, I know cinco de mayo's poppin' in Cali
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