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Conversation Between downsos and Rush

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  1. That win now argument pisses me off. Whenever they bring it up I keep responding with the 2011 Braves and how they stuck with Freeman, but they somehow ignore it. 25 AB's and they just want to give up. I see Posey's emergence in 2010 also to be a negative, as crazy as that sounds. Simply because now every prospect that doesn't rake in the majors from the get-go, people believe they suck and should be discarded.

    It's like monkey see, monkey do. Whatever they hear or see what Bochy does they believe its right and don't have a mind for themselves. It's like they're one of the Bochy's minions.
  2. Yup it's annoying. I hate the win now argument. It's dumb and lazy. I'm also tired of hearing how belt looks lost, but Crawford didn't in his slump. If lincecum did bad today there argument would be put him in the pen. Gotta play the hot hand.
  3. God I'm so ****ing sick of these morons.
  4. I'm starting to delete these idiots in the giants forum. Not worth my time reading there dumb opinions.
  5. Eyeblack and lolphillies
  6. Nice post to northsider. Got a good laugh out of that.
  7. Ya it's just pissing me off how these people don't understand how to judge a player. I'm no expert, but I know judging a player off 11AB's is just ludicrous. Anything Bochy does or Sabean does they just blindly clap (some more than others *cough* lolphillies *cough*). Can't think for themselves. I may check that out too then. Seem to have more intelligent fans over there in that case.
  8. The Giants forum is so dumb now. I'm thinking about staying away from it. I can't believe how many posters are so ****ing stupid. They all think exactly like Bochy. It's scary that they're this ****ing ignorant when it comes to judging a baseball player. I'll probably hang at McC for awhile. When I googled free belt that picture came up and the person that made it frequents McC. The majority of that site is #teambelt
  9. Haha I saw yours and wanted to put it on mine. Just searched #TeamBelt and found it. I want to start a #TeamBelt group with the same sig for the time being until he's finally freed. I'm sure quite a few would wear the sig.
  10. Ok, did you see my belt sig and got one for yourself or did we randomly find the same pic around the same time. If so, we our champions of #teambelt
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