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Conversation Between Timmmahhh and dbroncos78087

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  1. Your Trump thread is #FakeNews. Trump turned 71. Haha.
  2. Mentioned in the prediction thread but physical contact with one of Orton or Bray by a person not involved in the match is what needs to happen
  3. Hey man, mentioned this in the thread. But does that driver count as "outside interference/involvement"? Personally I don't think it should but it just occurred to me. I think it would be the same as saying the ref is involved.
  4. Hey there are a bunch of users at the bottom of the site that share a birth date. Below is an example. He has spam on his visitor messages. I don't know if you all can purge them or anything, but I suspect that most are spammers.
  5. Hey I think this guy meant Rio not Roo.

    I forget whether a person who makes a thread can change the title, but figured I would let you know.
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