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Conversation Between Timmmahhh and BDawk4Prez

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  1. Where's my jersey?!?!?!?
  2. Yo, what's up?
  3. Any word on jersey?
  4. You get my email through Espn?
  5. Did you check on next order?

    Zobrist wife is doing some speaking engagement in January in my town at church. She did one last night in KC that wife and daughter went to. Her and wife's mom know each other pretty well through her singing. Anyways, she said she would have Ben sign one if I gave it to her. Pretty cool.
  6. Need papers!
  7. Stirring pot? Dude, trying to help keep things civil and good posters around. Not white knighting it, come on.
  8. Could have closed it.

    Stickied thread top of page or thread midway down page, hmmmmmm weird that there was more traffic, lol.

    You just seem to want to be difficult. My bad man.
  9. It's a joke.

    You guys are ****ing lame anymore. Jesus.
  10. Leave me VM's alone!!!!!!!
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