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Conversation Between spliff(TONE) and koldjerky

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  1. I plan on doing what I said. I'll keep reporting the posts and if nothing happens within the next few months, or whenever, I'll just create a 2.0 thread. I think they've grown to accept they aren't getting more traffic to this site regardless of what happens.
  2. Very neat how the mods closed your ciabatta thread. Wouldn't want to discuss something that might improve a fledgling site or anything. Just sweep it underneath the rug and protect your own.
  3. It's unfortunate though, really. It was such a good forum to come and shoot the **** and actually have smart discussions.
  4. Not holding my breath for that....
  5. There seriously needs to be some cleanup in this system.
  6. Yeah. That was just a screw up on the mods behalf (as they admitted and apologized to me for via PM). I am right on the precipice of being permabanned though! Just a matter of time until some cheeseball with an axe to grind reports enough of my posts nonstop to get a lazy mod to say **** it and ban me for life.
  7. weren't you banned until like december?
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