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Conversation Between koldjerky and Norm

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  1. That's the worst part. We stay for the clowns and they know
  2. I can't stay away from this place though. I think it's people like him that keep me here.
  3. Yeah I forgot he was a Philly fan. It just gets so old. No matter what happens in the GB game he swears he was right about what went wrong. He never makes any real insight just hey look at me I was right. Idk how people live like that. It's almost as bad as the dupe in our forum that I'll have to tell you about some time.
  4. Oh believe me, I know. He's all about the, "I told you so," stuff. All the time. He's a philly fan for everything else so I've had to deal with it for awhile. It's really only been recently (past few years) too. Most certainly not a normal poster that's for sure. I swear PSD has gotten a lot of trolly type of posters popping up. I should probably avoid them.
  5. I hate his stupid click bait titles too. That should have been titled the same as the news report title. He does it every time
  6. Lol. He's such a joke. He does this **** all the time then if I say something he tries to shame me to death. It's weird that he really believes he's just like a "normal" poster
  7. Have I ever told you how much I loved you? Best rant ever.
  8. Lol I missed those.

    Mamba is gonna chew my *** for starting it again but he's the clown he replied to me trying to say he predicted it.
  9. quite apparent. I love his real life stories too. He's saved a dying armadillo in a broken down tree that hung over a 50 mile drop into the caverns of guadalupe. He's given his coat to a freezing man who turned out to be billionare down on his luck.

    Like, come on.
  10. It's pretty obvious nobody in real life will talk to him so he needs attention
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