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Conversation Between jaydubb and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. I am going to nominate you as a Lakers mod
  2. If you wanna try to do the trade again, ill try to work with you
  3. Jaja no worries bro not your fault and really I'm not even mad. Hope all is well with you my friends.

    God Bless you and yours
  4. Yeah.. Sorry bro. :/
  5. Fair? LLULLZ

    He's being lame.
  6. Nah i jus think he's trying to be fair. I mean having all the players on the lakers would be HUGE in a fantasy league, especially when you got kobe and dwight. I understand why your trying to get kobe tho, hes a monster in fantasy leagues.
  7. He's being a gay boy. I know bro, it was a fair trade and totally understand how hard it is to trade Kobe.
  8. Yeah idk man.. It was hard for me to do the trade, but I was willing to. Maybe if we did another trade he would accept it?
  9. It was a fair trade, it was definitely hard for you too give up Kobe and I totally understand and that's why I paid just a little extra to get him, I really wanted the entire Lakers starting line-up !!! laaaaaaaaame

  10. I can't believe LakerMania vetoed our trade

    what a Buster !
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