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Conversation Between OneManIsNoMan and BranWingss

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  1. Ok.
  2. Not gonna happen lol. I've signed up before just to get enough guys for games and I regret doing it.
  3. I get that my dude. RDs are the beat though and not running it is better. We need u too. Go signup
  4. Good, fair deal.

    You have no to waive.

    Glencross is promised top six minutes. Promise him he'll get some special team work, and that Edmonton will go for it.

    Giordano is promised an "A", #1 minutes, time with legit pairing defenseman, and a promise we'll be agressive and want the playoffs.

    Mention staying in Western Canada please.
  5. Wait time out, you don't have the #33 pick. it was traded to St. Louis last off-season
  6. Pulling the trigger, go ahead and post it
  7. Where are we at?
  8. Didn't say. Just said he wouldn't talk trades right now/.
  9. What kind of package was he looking for?
  10. I tried earlier. I have pick #3 and was made a number of offers..
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