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Conversation Between Vinylman and lakers4sho

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    Very interesting article I found. Says that Dr. Buss's will states that the ownership of the Lakers among his children exists as a block, not as separate entities.

    I might be misinterpreting this, so help me out. But could this affect things if Jeanie decides to go against Jimbaco in the future (like that one "insider" posted in the forums)? Basically, if I'm reading this correctly, the children can't use their individual stakes in the team to band together with minority owners.

    I wonder how such a provision would withstand a legal challenge, though. Well, it is a class gift made through trust, that's probably more robust. But still, it would be fun to see the kids end up fighting over it in court!

    What do you think?
  2. havin fun banging them euro chicks over there?
  3. Yeah... it is typical... that just start raging about stuff we don't even say... it is amazing to me that people are ok with the fisher trade.... its not that i wouldn't trade fisher its just that we got nothing we needed this year...

    My perspective on the Lakers is simple... Money should be irrelevant and we should do anything it takes to win with Kobe still in his prime... people have no clue how bad it will get once he is gone...

    Sessions is a good pick up if he resigns but he is definitely not enough to get us over the top...

    oh well, it was the same hysteria when we signed blake and look what a joke he has become

    Hang in there
  4. it's hard to argue against people when they're overcome with emotion, their points make no logical sense at all, to the point where they resort to claiming things that I never said
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