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Conversation Between CQSox305 and cwsnj

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  1. Thanks! I would agree it turned out awesome. Now lets try to get the other Sox fan to use it as well!
  2. I'm getting PM's and Visitor messages complimenting the sig man. Letting everyone know it was your idea. Have to give respect where it is due ya know.
  3. I agree we should all sport it...he really did a good job.
  4. Hell yeah this guy MJbulls really hooked it up! We should get the other guys in the forum to wear the sig as well.
  5. That......Is...... Awesome...
  6. I'm a fan.. 50 bucks says everyone will ask who the guys in the picture are.

    First try at it by this guy who makes sick sigs. Gonna fix it up a little.
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