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Conversation Between CQSox305 and MJ-BULLS

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  1. that is sweet man. just make sure to copy and past the actual [IMG] code i gave you on the tinypic link. it will increase the picture quality of the sig, because the one you are wearing now doesn't seem so HQ.
  2. I already got one other guy in the Sox forum rocking your sig, there will be more!
  3. Just got home and saw the sig, it is amazing!
  4. ok gotcha.
  5. Exactly that would be awesome! If you could remove the Alice in Chains logo that would be great too. Just image is really cool.
  6. ok you want me to use that pic and a sox logo right?

    with rose from the dead?

    Thanks you da man! I should have tried to describe it better you.
  8. i dont know how the dirt album looks like to be honest. give me the pic/pics and ill see what i can come up with.
  9. That sig is really tight! However I didnt need the dudes from Alice in Chains in it. Any way you could make one using their Dirt Album cover design, and leave them out of it?
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