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Conversation Between Jetsguy and Norm

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  1. Please please please update your clubhouse for the dynasty league completely then msg me when you have done so. I want to get all of them in there so we can make moves once all the PS games start later this week. Thank you.
  2. Ok Mass PM for Dynasty league.

    Go Here

    I quickly wrote the rules in there but it's simply.

    Starting tomorrow at 9AM EST you pick one player. Rounds 28 til 34. There will be no thread. Just every day after 9 pick someone. Make sure you have a pick in that round first.

    I edited all the picks in there to the best of my ability. If you look up and have players missing. PICK THEM. Make sure you add the round!!!

    I merged all the other threads into the original draft thread and locked it so we only use this one.

    If you have questions ask me.
  3. Draft process for the Dynasty league is changing. One round per day, come make your pick at any time. Go now to make any that have been missed. Round 23 will start tomorrow 5PM CST. Don't make any picks before that or you will be forced to wait another day to pick.

    MSG me if you have any questions.

    We'll continue this day by day. You can see the other threads NickGB made and when those rounds start in the thread title. Thanks.
  4. LOL, one of those things I saw and could not stop laughing about. that is a quote from Chaz he gave to a reporter. Tebow cant even break his discipline for a delicious teddy graham. Also funny that grown men eat them
  5. What's the point of your sig lol
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