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Conversation Between metswon69 and Rush

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  1. I did have a hesitation lol.

    No worries man. I totally understand and I would be too. I seriously hope you guys crush them. Just inexcusable ******** that the MLB lets this incompetence continue without punishment. There's no other workplace on Earth that would let that happen.

    For ****'s sake, Angel Hernandez and Phil Cuzzi are umping the most crucial games of the year.
  2. You take the image down from a former mod? Shame on you dude :P.

    Sorry, i'm just super pissed. They gave the ****ing Dodgers the game.
  3. Thanks again

    It had already become race related so I closed it but thanks for the feedback in the RP section.
  5. Thanks for handling that RP.
  6. Thanks for the condolences though.

    I am crying on the inside only.
  7. Thanks dude.
  8. Enjoy your vacation dude.
  9. He won't but i guess SI can look it up.

    I'll PM him about it.
  10. I would not doubt it at all.

    Guy needs to get a life and move on.
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