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Conversation Between metswon69 and spliff(TONE)

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  1. Thankfully he doesn't post in our forum anymore but he always tried to backseat mod. Couple sandwiches short of a picnic but you just kind of have to let it go because he'll make a minor issue into a large catastrophe.
  2. Damn straight I'm lucky! Some people are just desperate for attention it seems. He was playing backseat mod in the Better Call Saul thread because people were....discussing the recent episode after it aired. Seemed to think basically every post being made was somehow a spoiler and would NOT LET IT GO.

    My condolences to you and all PSD Mets fans. Tell me if I'm being too blunt and I'll delete this.
  3. You're lucky he isn't a Giants fan. He must have sent me 10 PMs that i ignored before one of the other moderators asked me to take it down so he would stop annoying them.
  4. My goodness with the .gif signature crusader....ridiculous.
  5. Thanks lol. Yeah between Mejia's Coming to America jheri curl and the moonwalk, I'm guessing he's stuck somewhere in 1988 which is pretty awesome.
  6. Great sig. Thought that was CGI or some **** at first. Moonwalkin' his way back to the dugout.
  7. Pretty sweet. Saw Roger Waters solo tour in '00. Would kill to see Pink Floyd in the 70's.
  8. Yeah my mom took me when i was a kid to see them at the old Giants Stadium in 94' so i've been partial to the Gilmour stuff since. Yeah Fearless and One of These Days are among my top 20 favorite Floyd songs.

    Nice. A change of pace from all the Dark Side t-shirts..
  9. Fair enough. I was going to mention Meddle as well. A very underrated album of theirs. Fearless is one of my favorite songs ever....and Echoes is a straight trip. I'm definitely not a big of their theatrical stuff either; unlike most Floyd fans, I'm not really in to The Wall.

    Just tore open an Amazon package with this shirt in it and threw it on instantly.
  10. Yeah i actually enjoy their work post Waters. Gilmour is a solid song writer and it was a change of pace from the theatric stuff on the Final Cut and the Wall. Next for me is probably Meddle.
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