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Conversation Between thefeckcampaign and KnicksPain

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  1. hey a few weeks ago we spoke about music and you said I could share my music with you, this is my first video, Im the first one in it. Hope you like it man
  2. Share it with me. Good luck.
  3. I rap (who doesnt lol) but Im a fan of a lot of genres of music especially since hip hop is so reliant on sampling. Hip wasnt even my first love jazz was but Im off topic... Im just finishing my first project with one of my closest friends but I havent officially released anything, my engineer just mixing last week so in the next weeks I would really appreciate your opinion.
  4. Good luck to you as well. Feel free to share with me what you do as well.
  5. No problem and I will definitely check your site out and good luck with your career.
  6. Thank you. I have released more than a few records on indie labels and have worked with a few major label artist. I like the indie world much better for many reasons. If you care to hear more of what I've done, feel free to check out my site. Thanks again.
  7. Saw your music in the "What Are You Working On?" thread and I really enjoyed it you have serious talent. Are you signed to any label? (major or indie)
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