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  37. XeFG% (Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage)
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  42. Chris Bosh is having a career year... who knew?
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  48. Should passes leading to made FTs count as assists?
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  50. Top 10 Players from 2000-2009 Stat Wise using WS/48 and PER
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  52. Is a player improving if his per game stats are better but his advanced stats arent?
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  54. How is offensive and defensive win shares found?
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  56. Blocked Shot Recovery Rate
  57. Efficiency All-Stars
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  59. What happened to basketballreference.com
  60. Coach Spo uses advanced stats to make decisions
  61. Which stat line would you rather have? 40 pts/ 15 rebs or 25/10/10?
  62. Difference between Defensive W-Share and Defensive Rating
  63. Deal For Anthony May Limit Knicks Upside
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  68. Which book(?) of John Hollinger's introduced PER?
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  72. Holy crap Iggy, anyone notice his monstrous passing efficiency?
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  75. How is ORtg a good indicator?
  76. Expected Win/Loss or SRS Rating, which the better measurement?
  77. VORP leaders
  78. Help me find a stat
  79. The Denver Nuggets' post-trade stats: predicative of postseason success?
  80. APBRmetrics forum hacked
  81. Turnovers by dribble: Kidd vs. Westbrook
  82. Final 2010-2011 Statistical +/- Ratings
  83. Rajon Rondo's 10 Greatest Playoff Stat Lines
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  85. Heat Have Greatest PER Combo in NBA History
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  96. league averages of TS%, eFG% and assisted vs. unassisted shots
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  98. If there's no 2011-12 season, how meaningful(/less) will intl. player stats be?
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  104. what are some of your best fantasy combos this year?
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  107. Dirk > Magic & Bird
  108. Differentials in Own-Opponent Shot %s by location
  109. Teamwork Score - Attempt at Statistic Construction
  110. Shot Map of Every Shot Taken in the NBA from 06-11
  111. Best Teams in the Halfcourt
  112. Synergy leader boards?
  113. Synergy on LeBron, isolation defense
  114. Better Record, or Higher SRS, or Better Exp W-L Ratio
  115. Using The Usage-Efficiency Distance Metric to Create Aging Curves for the NBA
  116. dropoffs in WS/48 from regular season to playoffs
  117. Statistical evidence for contract years?
  118. top 10 in various advanced stats
  119. Best Finishers At the Rim
  120. The Best Shooters in the NBA
  121. Usage rates and PER, 2007-2012
  122. Durant and Rondo best in clutch time in 2012 playoffs
  123. Is Christian Laettner a HOFer?
  124. Will the Lakers 4 stars stats drop?
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  127. Daryll Morey doesn't think there is a good defensive metric
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  131. top 5 20-point 20-rebound games in nba history
  132. Can somebody tell me a site where I can see how many of a players points are assisted
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  134. Highest 3pt% in playoffs?
  135. Michael Jordan's DRtg
  136. Anyone got a Synergy Sub?
  137. Vantage looks to transform sports analytics for players, coaches and fans
  138. Anyone know where to get raw data on who assisted whose shots?
  139. Where To Find A List Of COMPLETE Voting Results (All Years) For 1st-3rd All-NBA Teams
  140. PIE (new NBA stat), What it measures, how good is it, how to find PIE info
  141. Mills Hustles.