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  1. Simulation: Waiver Rules (Read this first)
  2. Simulation: Giants place SP Matt Cain on waivers
  3. Simulation: Giants place SP Tim Lincecum on waivers
  4. Simulation: Giants place C Salvador Perez on waivers
  5. Simulation: Giants place CF Andrew McCutchen on waivers
  6. Simulation: Giants place LF Kevin Crawford on waivers
  7. Simulation: Giants place C Jackson Williams on waivers
  8. Simulation: Giants place LF Telvin Nash on waivers
  9. Simulation: Marlins place SS Hanley Ramirez on waivers
  10. Simulation: Marlins place SP Brett Marshall on waivers
  11. Simulation: Giants place SS Christian Arroyo on waivers
  12. Simulation: Giants place 1B Nick Longhi on waivers
  13. Simulation: Marlins place 3B Derek Dietrich on waivers
  14. Simulation: Marlins place OF Hunter Morris on waivers
  15. Simulation: Giants place SP Kyle Crick on waivers
  16. Simulation: Marlins place 3B Colin Moran on waivers
  17. Simulation: Diamondbacks place 2B Gavin Cecchini on Waivers
  18. Simulation: Diamondbacks place SP Trevor Cahill on Waivers
  19. Simulation: Diamondbacks place SP Patrick Corbin on Waivers
  20. Simulation: Diamondbacks place SP Wily Peralta on Waivers
  21. Simulation: Diamondbacks place 2B/3B Kyle Seager on Waivers
  22. Simulation: Diamondbacks place SP Slegers Aaron on Waivers
  23. Simulation: Diamondbacks place SS Didi Gregorius on Waivers
  24. Simulation: Marlins place SP Jose Fernandez on waivers
  25. Simulation: Marlins place RF Shilo McCall on waivers
  26. Simulation: Diamondbacks place LF Colby Rasmus on Waviers
  27. Simulation: A's place C Beau Taylor on waivers
  28. Simulation: Yankees place RF Mason Williams on waivers
  29. Simulation: Yankees place P Wade Miley on waivers
  30. Simulation: Yankees place 3B/SS Kenny 'Stringbean' Harris on waivers
  31. Simulation: Yankees place LF Ronnie Melendez on waivers
  32. Simulation: Yankees place 2B Jeff Bianchi on waivers
  33. Simulation: Yankees place P Jesus E. Sanchez on waivers
  34. Simulation: Yankees place P Jose Mijares on waivers
  35. Simulation: Yankees place 1B Logan Morrison on waivers
  36. Simulation: Yankees place P Hector Neris on waivers
  37. Simulation: Yankees place DH Taylor Hawkins on waivers
  38. Simulation: Yankees place 2B Orlando Calixte on waivers
  39. Simulation: Yankees place 3B Kaleb Cowart on waivers
  40. Simulation: Braves place 1B Harry Morris on Waivers
  41. Simulation: Diamondbacks place 1B Miguel Cabrera on Waivers
  42. Simulation: Cardinals place LF Yannick Dauphin on waivers
  43. Simulation: Cardinals place SS Elvis Andrus on waivers
  44. Simulation: Cardinals place C Wilin Rosario on waivers
  45. Simulation: Cardinals place 2B Jean Segura on waivers
  46. Simulation: Cardinals place LF Brian Goodwin on waivers
  47. Simulation: Cardinals place P Tommy Hanson on waivers
  48. Simulation: Cardinals place P Frank De Los Santos on waivers
  49. Simulation: Marlins place P Mike Dunn on waivers
  50. Simulation: SS/3B Fernery Ozuna is placed on waiivers (Marlins)
  51. Simulation: Marlins place SP Nathan Morris on waivers
  52. Simulation: Dodgers place LF Justin Upton on waivers
  53. Simulation: Dodgers place SP Chad Billingsley on waivers
  54. Simulation: Dodgers place C Devin Mesoraco on waivers
  55. Simulation: Dodgers place 1B Kevin Taylor on waivers
  56. Simulation: Diamondbacks place C Russell Martin on Waivers
  57. Simulation: Angels Place 1B. CJ Cron on Waivers
  58. Simulation: Angels Place RF. Jon Jay on Waivers
  59. Simulation: Angels Place RF. Gary Mitchell on Waivers
  60. Simulation: Angels Place RP. Hector Santiago on Waivers
  61. Simulation: Angels Place SP. Ismael Martinez on Waivers
  62. Simulation: Angels Place SP. Andrew Faulkner on Waivers
  63. Simulation: Angels Place SP. Matt Garza on Waivers
  64. Simulation: Angels Place SP. Michael Roth on Waivers
  65. Simulation: Reds place Billy Hamilton on waivers
  66. Simulation: Yankees place 3B Pablo Sandoval on waivers
  67. Simulation: Yankees place P Neftali Feliz on waivers
  68. Simulation: Yankees place 2B Kolten Wong on waivers
  69. Simulation: Yankees place CF Engel Beltre on waivers
  70. Simulation: Yankees place 2B/SS Jonathan Schoop on waivers
  71. Simulation: Yankees place P Josh Edgin on waivers
  72. Simulation: Yankees place LF Cody Livesay on waivers
  73. Simulation: Yankees place P Joba Chamberlain on waivers
  74. Simulation: Yankees place P Mark Montgomery on wiavers
  75. Simulation: Yankees place LF Devin Ceciliani on waivers
  76. Simulation: Yankees place RF RF Dylan Cozens on waivers
  77. Simulation: Yankees place 1B/3B/LF/RF T.J. Mittelstaedt on waivers
  78. Simulation: Yankees place 1B Logan Morrison on waivers
  79. Simulation: Texas places 2B Manuel Torres on waivers
  80. Simulation: Yankees place DH Edinson Rincon on waivers
  81. Simulation: Marlins place C Steven Braden on waivers
  82. Simulation: Marlins place RP Mike Dunn on waivers
  83. Simulation: Marlins place SP STeve Johnson on waivers
  84. Simulation: Marlins place 3B Kris Bryant on waivers
  85. Simulation: Marlins place SP Wei-Yin Chen on waivers
  86. Simulation: Blue Jays place SS Jake Hager on waivers
  87. Simulation: Blue Jays place RF Adam Jones on waivers
  88. Simulation: Blue Jays place 1B Yonder Alonso on waivers
  89. Simulation: Dodgers place SS Corey Seager on waivers
  90. Simulation: Dodgers place 1B Kevin Taylor on waivers
  91. Simulation: Dodgers place 3B Yensys Capellan on waivers
  92. Simulation: Dodgers place LF Justin Upton on waivers
  93. Simulation: Orioles place SP Dylan Bundy on waivers
  94. Simulation: Orioles place SP Kevin Gausman on waivers
  95. Simulation: Orioles place OF Jae-Hoon Ha on waivers
  96. Simulation: Marlins place 1B Singleton on waivers
  97. Simulation: Texas puts P Parker Markel on waivers
  98. Simulation: Texas puts C Jorge Alfaro on waivers
  99. Simulation: Texas puts CF Roberto martinez on waivers
  100. Simulation: Texas puts CF Jake Skole on waivers
  101. Simulation: Cardinals place RP Frank De Los Santos on waivers
  102. Simulation: Cardinals place SP Chad Billingsley on waivers
  103. Simulation: Cardinals place 3B Garin Cecchini on waivers
  104. Simulation: Cardinals place 1B Chris McGuiness on waivers
  105. Simulation: Cubs place 1B Daniel Vogelbach on waivers
  106. Simulation: Rangers place 2B Preston Beck on waivers
  107. Simulation: Rangers place OF Jake Skole on waivers
  108. Simulation: Rangers place LF Kyle Jensen on waivers
  109. Simulation: Marlins place LF Chris Epps on waivers
  110. Simulation: Cubs place LF Collin Gozzo on waivers
  111. Simulation: Cubs place 1B/3B Jeimer Candelario on waivers
  112. Simulation: Cubs place CF/RF Mason Williams on waivers
  113. Simulation: Marlins place LF/1B/DH Preston Palmeiro on waivers
  114. Simulation: Cardinals place RF Oscar Taveras on waivers
  115. Simulation: Yankees place 2B Kolten Wong on waivers
  116. Simulation: Yankees place LF Jeremy Baltz on waivers
  117. Simulation: Yankees place LF Devin Ceciliani on waivers
  118. Simulation: Yankees place 2B Alex Maldonado on waivers
  119. Simulation: Yankees place C Jacob Felts on waivers
  120. Simulation: Yankees place P Neftali Feliz on waivers
  121. Simulation: Yankees place 1B Prince Fielder on waivers
  122. Simulation: Yankees place C Alex Avila on waivers
  123. Simulation: Yankees place RF Clarence Helton on waivers
  124. Simulation: Yankees place LF/RF Joey Curletta on waivers