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  1. Best Nfl Player Of All Time
  2. Dwight Freeney or Julius Peppers
  3. Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?
  4. Who's Better David Carr or Matt Schuab
  5. Tory Holt or Marvin Harrison
  6. Devin Hester or Dante Hall
  7. Kellen Winslow or Vernon Davis
  8. Andre Johnson or Roy Williams
  9. Sean Taylor or Roy Williams
  10. Matt Hasselbeck or Drew Brees
  11. Jason Witten or Jeremy Shockey
  12. Tony Dungy or Lovie Smith
  13. Chad Pennington vs Tony Romo
  14. Driver or Jevon Walker
  15. Champ Bailey vs Deion Sanders
  16. Deion Sanders vs Darrell Green
  17. Sheldon Brown or Lito Shepard?
  18. Deangelo Hall or Champ Bailey?
  19. Ryan Leaf or Tim Couch
  20. Mario Williams or Gaines Adams
  21. Marvin Harrison VS Steve Largent
  22. Rex Grossman or Eli Manning
  23. Brett Favre vs. Steve Young vs. John Elway
  24. Vince Young or Eli Manning?
  25. Who will be the better LB? Kirk Morrison or Demarcus Ware
  26. Mack Strong or Lorenzo Neal
  27. Top 3 CornerBack Duos
  28. Best Safety Tandem in NFL
  29. Toughest QB to bring down?
  30. Most hated team
  31. Top 5 MLB's in the NFL.
  32. Poll: Browns or Jets, both improved so lets try it
  33. Kirk Morrison vs. Lofa Tatupu
  34. Limas Sweed: The Next Plaxico Burress
  35. Poll: Which Qb would you chose to lead you into a superbow;
  36. Top 3 Underrated and Overrated!
  37. Honest opinion
  38. Romo Vs. Manning
  39. Who's your most valuable player, the most underachieved, your sleeper on your team
  40. More Valued as #1 Pick: Tomlinson or Brady?
  41. All Decade Team
  42. The most hated team in football.?
  43. Who is the smartest non-QB offensive player?
  44. Who is the smartest defensive player in the NFL?
  45. List your top 10 RB DUOS for 08-09
  46. T Jack vs Hasselbeck
  47. Ultimate Showdown: The Greatest Players Ever vs. Todays Best Players
  48. The best receiver in the game (video included)
  49. Terrell Owens or Randy Moss?
  50. Best Running Back In The League
  51. Best Receiver all time other than Rice
  52. Will Lofa Ever Be DPOY?
  53. Best MLB in the NFL?
  54. AFC vs NFC whos stronger?
  55. Which WR's do you find to be overrated?
  56. Who Is The All Time Greatest?
  57. RBs who will have most TDs in 08
  58. Newman or Asomugha?
  59. Better Secondary?
  60. Chad Johnson or Andre Johnson?
  61. Player You Choose to Build Your Franchise Around
  62. 5 Real Reasons Why Jaguars are Better Than Giants
  63. Best DBs in the NFL?
  64. Greg Jennings vs Lee Evans
  65. Best QB of last 25 years?
  66. Who'll win more games this year-Vikings or Bears?
  67. AFC West Or NFC West
  68. Cowboys or Vikings (better record)?
  69. Who will it be.....
  70. Name them...
  71. Without Favre on Minn or GB who is the favorite?
  72. Chicken or the egg.
  73. Fantasy Trade: Swapping star recievers- Need opinions
  74. What division has the best QBs
  75. Current ranking
  76. Possession WR or Speed WR
  77. Who Is The Best QB In The NFC North
  78. PSD's Best QBs of All-Time poll (#1)
  79. What Team Has The Best Trio of Runningbacks?
  80. Best WR in the League
  81. Donald Driver or Hines Ward ?
  82. Worst O-line This Year
  83. Ranking of NFL QB's
  84. NFL Fans must go to this poll
  85. Brady/Moss
  86. Top Breakout Player
  87. Preferences
  88. US American Football Olympic Team
  89. PSD's Best QBs of All-Time poll (#2)
  90. Jets or Packers
  91. Felix Jones or Chris Johnson?
  92. What Is The Toughest Division In The NFL
  93. Is He The Best WR In The Game
  94. Which Player Do You Think Of
  95. Frank Gore v.s Steven Jackson v.s Larry Johnson
  96. number 1 WR in the nfl?
  97. The Hasselbeck & McNabb Argument
  98. Thoughts On My Fantasy Team
  99. #1 running back of all time.
  100. Who has the best Special Teams in the NFL??
  101. Panthers or Bucs
  102. Player on your team your most frustrated/dissapointed with?
  103. Wes Welker vs. Kevin Walter
  104. If you could punch any NFL player, who would it be and why?
  105. Top Rookie Running Back
  106. Brandon Marshall???
  107. Santonio Holmes or Greg Jennings?
  108. Who Will Be ROY?
  109. Which rookie starter will have more success this season?
  110. Cowboys Vs Browns from Bio Trends
  111. Monday Night Packers Vs Vikings from Bio Trends
  112. Randy Moss Vs. Braylon Edwards
  113. Who's the one player you wouldn't wanna get hit by?
  114. Chargers Vs Panthers from Bio Trends
  115. Who's the most overrated team?
  116. Whos the third best quarter back in the NFL
  117. 49ers or Seahawks
  118. Hawk Or Greenway?
  119. Who is better, Skill wise? Who would you Rather build around?
  120. Gore-Foster or Peterson and Taylor
  121. Top 5 teams in the NFL
  122. Mcfadden & Fargas or Peterson & Taylor
  123. Marion Barber or Frank Gore
  124. Tom Brady Top 5?
  125. who is best for fantasy?
  126. David Harris or Jon Vilma
  127. Who Would You Draft - Russel or Edwards?
  128. Who are the 11 best safties in the NFL?
  129. Warner vs. Delhomme vs. Anderson
  130. JaMarcus Russell vs. Trent Edwards
  131. Will any RB ever catch Emmitt (in our lifetime)?
  132. Bills or Giants
  133. Top CB in the NFL today?
  134. What is the best team in the AFC?
  135. NFC East Powerhouse
  136. Romo vs Marino
  137. Ladainian Tomlinson overrated
  138. Jason Campbell vs Chad Pennington
  139. Who 'Just Gets It Done'?
  140. Brian westbrook or LT?
  141. Which QB would you choose?
  142. Third Best QB in the league when healthy
  143. Best QB of All-Time?
  144. Best NFCE team
  145. Most overrated?
  146. Tyrell Johnson Vs. Kenny Phillips
  147. NFL's Best Defense:
  148. Who is the best pass blocking RB?
  149. Clinton Portis vs. Marion Barber
  150. Your favorite Q.B. ever?
  151. who's the most important player on your favorite teams offense and defense?
  152. Ray Lewis vs. Brian Urlacher
  153. Where do you rank Greg Jennings when it comes to WR's?
  154. TOP 5 QB's Revisited
  155. Darren McFadden or Reggie Bush - Better Career
  156. Brown and Williams VS. Barber and Jones
  157. best white receiver of all time?
  158. Ravens 2000 D or Bucs 2002 D
  159. best defensive player in the NFL
  160. whos the best 5 players in the nfl
  161. Whos Better Overall? Plz Reply
  162. Top WR in the NFL today
  163. Most overhyped and need to go away now
  164. Are the Titans Super Bowl bound?
  165. Rank Your Quaterbacks
  166. Which Coach would you rather have?
  167. who has a better chance of making the playoffs next year..
  168. WHO IS THE BEST SAFTEY?This Year So Far
  169. 2007 Draft QB's
  170. top 10 QB's
  171. Donovan McNabb vs. Matt Hasselbeck
  172. Is it finally time top stop viewing LT as a top 5 RB ???
  173. Patriots still among AFCs best
  174. Who is better Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
  175. Who is the most overated Team
  176. Who would you have
  177. Pennington vs. Favre
  178. Best NFL broadcast team? Worst?
  179. whos better titans or giants
  180. Best RB 1-2 punch
  181. Top 5 WR's, Qb's, and RB's this season
  182. 3rd best 3-4 OLB in the league.
  183. Brandon Jacobs or Marion Barber
  184. Ronnie Brown or Marshawn Lynch?
  185. Brian Westbrook or Clinton Portis
  186. David Harris or James Farrior?
  187. Eli Manning vs Ben Roethlisberger
  188. Best Runningback in the NFL
  189. Brett Farver or Kurt Warner
  190. Champ Bailey or Nnamdi Asomugha
  191. jacobs vs. westbrook
  192. Newman > Asomugha
  193. Bulger vs. Derek Anderson
  194. Better corner, Asomugha or Bailey?
  195. Marion Barber vs Deangelo Williams
  196. Troy Polamalu or Bob Sanders?
  197. article: Why Steve Young is the greatest QB of all time...
  198. Best Rookie QB ever.
  199. T.O. VS. Nnamdi
  200. Is Drew Brees the hands down best QB in the NFL right now?
  201. Roddy White or Amani Toomer
  202. Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald
  203. Brady vs. Cassel
  204. Better Safety?
  205. Who will history see as better, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?
  206. Better career when its all said and done Peyton or Eli?
  207. Darren Sporles or Leon Wahsington
  208. Allen or Peppers
  209. Deangelo Williams or Marshawn Lynch
  210. Forte vs. Slaton
  211. Ryan vs Flacco
  212. Jay Cutler or Tony Romo
  213. Top 5 QB's in the NFL RIGHT NOW
  214. Who is the BETTER QB, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady
  215. Would you trade your starting QB for...
  216. is bill parcels the greatest football mind ever?
  217. DeAngelo Williams or Chris Johnson?
  218. What fanbase (besides your favorite team) is the classiest/most arrogant?
  219. Best Running Back Tandem in NFL
  220. Adrian Peterson is the Lebron James of the NFL
  221. Which back would you take?
  222. Ranking the WRs...
  223. Best NFC RB
  224. Which RB duo is better? Carolina or Tennessee
  225. Best Comeback Team
  226. DeMarcus Ware or James Harrison?
  227. Best Wide Receiver in football: Steve Smith or Andre Johnson?
  228. What rivalry do see on PSD the most?
  229. Thomas vs. Long
  230. Whos the best LB in the league today?? And which one would you want?
  231. Which young wideout do you take?
  232. Darrelle Revis v. Cortland Finnegan
  233. Matt Millen or Al Davis?
  234. Greg Olsen or Zach Miller??????
  235. Better returner- Leon Washington or Johnny Lee Higgins?
  236. John Carlson vs. Vernon Davis
  237. Julius Peppers vs. Richard Seymour?
  238. Brady/Cassel
  239. Deion Sanders or Devin Hester...better return man
  240. Manning V. Favre
  241. tough question
  242. ------is the ------ of NFL
  243. Best Safety
  244. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie will be a Top 3 CB in the league in 3 years
  245. Flacco vs McNabb
  246. Best WR in NFL POLL (write one)
  247. Haloti Ngata or Casey Hampton
  248. Here it is- Polamalu or Reed
  249. Best Safety in the NFL
  250. BEST quarterback/ wide reciever tandem