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  1. Post a strange baseball fact/urban legend/stat here
  2. Your 2008 AL MVP?
  3. Could Rodriguez get MVP?
  4. Which team will top the NL East
  5. What would YOU do to change the "win" or "loss" stat for pitchers?
  6. Nadel: Blonde bombshell can't distract red-hot Cubs
  7. MLB Pitchers Soft Now?
  8. Most Overrated and Underrated Players by Position
  9. Who is this years' Colorado Rockies?
  10. LETS VOTE..Game 7 of the World Series...whos your pitcher?
  11. Songs about baseball
  12. Waivers?
  13. world series this year
  14. Who Cleared Waivers Last Year?
  15. B. Giles Claimed Off Waivers By Red Sox
  16. Red Sox-Marlins trade
  17. What was the best team (by record) to not make the playoffs?
  18. Jays Turned Down Deal For Bay
  19. Maddux cleared waivers
  20. Webb: D-Backs pulled contract offer
  21. whos more likely too.....
  22. Rays claim reliever Bradford from Orioles
  23. After the Storm- A Fred Lewis Story
  24. Marlins and Rays Poll
  25. MLB Investigating Manny's departure
  26. Best seats in the house
  27. Accolades
  28. Most Overated Fielders Poll
  29. what makes a 'pure hitter'
  30. Reds hire Bavasi as a special assistant
  31. Why is A-Rod worth so much?
  32. Where does K-Rod sign?
  33. Who will win the NL Cy Young Award (vote)
  34. Next retired number on your team
  35. Where will the top free agents sign?
  36. Bad for ratings if the Yankees and Red Sox miss the playoffs?
  37. World Baseball Classic.?
  38. Could Boras get any worse?
  39. Super Player
  40. Who Will Win the NL Wild Card?
  41. Rich Harden
  42. ERA: Can it be Trusted?
  43. WOW,, Teixeira hitting .386, 7 HR, 20 RBI, since joining the LAAofA
  44. D-Train
  45. If you could punch one Mlb player who would it be and why?
  46. A's All-Lefty rotation
  47. It's funny how all the free agent busts that were injured through their lengthy cont.
  48. What is a closer's value?
  49. ESPN Ranks Best Post Season Rotations
  50. Pirates?
  51. Sabathia's first choice in free agency is the Giants
  52. The "too good" to pitch in little league 9 year old
  53. Instant Replay to start this Thursday in MLB games
  54. What would be the best world series match-up this year?
  55. Roy Halladay deserves the Cy Young
  56. Have There Ever Been...
  57. No urinating allowed in Yankee Stadium
  58. 2008 Playoffs
  59. MLB Stadiums
  60. Nl Cy Young: Tim Lincecum Or Brandon Webb?
  61. Complete Game Stat
  62. Who wins the A.L. East?
  63. Beckett to see Dr. Andrews
  64. SI: 5 Reasons Why CC Sabathia Deserves CY Young Award
  65. Coolest player and Biggest Jerk on your team
  66. What player (past or present) sums up the United states' past/present?
  67. Phillies Acquire Matt Stairs
  68. Baseball Fan Takes Plunge
  69. The other 21...
  70. How is this not...
  71. MLB What if:
  72. RBI or RBI's?
  73. ESPN Predicts the 2008 MLB season
  74. Taveras Claimed Off Waivers
  75. Do the Braves Really suck??
  76. Dayan Viciedo
  77. Can 100 Mil Payroll = 100 Loss Season?
  78. Sabathia's Play
  79. Diamondbacks get Eckstein
  80. Sabathia one-hits Pirates; Brewers to appeal scorer's ruling on single
  81. If a Pitcher Makes an Error, Should it Still Be an Earned Run?
  82. can any team win +100 games?
  83. Why is Darth Vader on the MLB.com team schedules?
  84. Should Sabathia be considered an NL Cy Young award participant?
  85. Evaluating Defense in Baseball, Part 3: DSG, DFTs, SAFE, and Tango
  86. Most Popular MLB Team in PSD
  87. Anyone watching ESPN Classic right now?
  88. Which 2008 FA will get the biggest Payday after having struggled in previous seasons?
  89. Could D-Train do a Rick Ankiel?
  90. Roy Oswalt
  91. Has there ever been a study on the effect of teams after a long road trip?
  92. Cliff Lee CY Young Bound?
  93. I Need a Baseball Education - On the Alphabet Soup
  94. Can the Rockies Do it Again?
  95. PSD OOTP League has openings now!
  96. Why is there a baseball team in Miami?
  97. 250,000 HR's
  98. Ichiro = Hilarious
  99. What was the biggest letdown of the season in the MLB?
  100. Watch out for...
  101. ITT we discuss A-Rod & Joe Girardi & September
  102. Anyone Have Links To Great Manager Tirades?
  103. Going forward in the next few years who has the best home grown starting pitching?
  104. Ryan Howard - Dave Kingman with a personality?
  105. Zambrano Update!
  106. AL MVP Race
  107. Your Fantasy Rotation...
  108. Best Division???
  109. More teams in Post Season
  110. What would your entrance theme be?
  111. White Sox OF Quentin to undergo wrist surgery
  112. Orioles Manager Dave Trembley to Return Next Year
  113. Brett Myers thread
  114. No Hitter Watch
  115. Next 300 game winner
  116. Look out for the Rockies
  117. Did Brandon Webb just lose the Cy Young??
  118. Who would be this years Cy Young if...
  119. NL manager of the Year
  120. Perfect game watch.
  121. True/false
  122. Question for anyone who is/has been a catcher.
  123. Mark McGwire To Play Again?
  124. Bad players who became good managers/coaches
  125. Will Lidge Finish The Season Perfect?
  126. AJ Burnett No-No through 5
  127. The Disrespectful - Curt Schilling
  128. Swisher
  129. team you don't want to play
  130. Pujols likely to undergo TJ surgery
  131. Marlins win battle in bid for stadium
  132. A Squirrel stops game in cleveland
  133. Why should my favorite team be your favorite team?
  134. Walk off home run stats
  135. Tim Lincecum and the Great Age Debate
  136. The homer thread.
  137. Has an MVP or Cy
  138. Most Under-Rated player in the MLB ?
  139. Tazawa eyes place in major leagues
  140. Possible MVP?
  141. MLB.TV adds home/away video feeds for Premium subscribers
  142. Baseball really not "Americas" past time?
  143. Shorten Season, Make Playoffs Longer?
  144. houston astros
  145. K-Rod ties Thigpen
  146. Happy Friday Sports Fans
  147. Who would you rather face?
  148. Houston Astros series being moved???
  149. Micah Owings
  150. Losing Record - Sub 3.00 ERA
  151. Marlins have four infielders with at least 25 taters in one year
  152. K-Rod breaks Save record
  153. Rays Call Up David Price
  154. Where does Chad Billingsley Rank?
  155. who will have the biggest offseason?
  156. Who will take the WC in the NL
  157. It could come down to the White Sox vs Cubs?!
  158. Who will win the NL East?
  159. Zambrano Throws No-hitter!
  160. I have a question
  161. Is there a forum for talking about fantasy opinions?
  162. Breaking News: Brewers fire Ned Yost
  163. Ted Lilly With a No Hitter Through 6--broken up
  164. Question about stealing signs
  165. Mets Likely To Pass On K-Rod?
  166. Triple A Shuffle Begins
  167. Miguel Tejada...
  168. Will Ryan Howard Hit 50 homers this season?
  169. Tampa Bay Rays Scrap Ballpark Plan
  170. More impressive K-Rod or Brad Lidge
  171. 2009 Regular Season Schedules
  172. Asian Players
  173. Baseball Gambling Sites
  174. Ben Sheets leave game in 3rd with injury
  175. flamethrowers
  176. The Great Age Debate -- Part 2
  177. Curt Schilling = MLB's Biggest Trashtalker
  178. Apparently George Brett craps his pants a lot (NSFW video)
  179. Why no sacrifice ground out?
  180. Congressional panel rips Yanks, NYC over new stadium's financing
  181. Worst Record = Worst Pick
  182. Giants Could Trade Cain For Fielder And Hardy?
  183. Phillies, Marlins engage in some head games
  184. I Have A Very Important Question
  185. Atta' Boy Rook
  186. Athletics DH Cust sets new strikeout record
  187. What do teams that win the WS besides a championship?
  188. Is Clayton Kershaw allowed to....
  189. Your Call: Safe or Out?
  190. Curt Schilling was right!
  191. Team objects to tattoo
  192. What if the Yankees lost today?
  193. a-rod
  194. Which Team has the Most Hall of Famers?
  195. MLB/NPB All Star Game?