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  1. Simulation: Renounce your Cap Holds Here
  2. Simulation: Kevin Durant- Signs with NYK
  3. Simulation: Stephen Curry- Signs with Spurs
  4. Simulation: UFA LeBron James- Signs with Clippers
  5. Simulation: Al Horford (UFA)- Signs with the Houston Rockets
  6. Simulation: Hassan Whiteside UFA- Signs with Milwaukee
  7. Simulation: UFA Dirk Nowitzki- Signs with Cavs
  8. Simulation: Dwight Howard (UFA)- Signs with Sacramento
  9. Simulation: (RFA) G Jordan Clarkson- Re-signs with Lakers
  10. Simulation: Dwyane Wade (UFA)- Signs with Miami
  11. Simulation: Demar Derozan (UFA)- Signs with Minnesota
  12. Simulation: UFA Luol Deng- Signs with Blazers
  13. Simulation: Pau Gasol- Signs with OKC
  14. Simulation: Mike Conley (UFA)- Signs with Portland
  15. Simulation: Jamal Crawford UFA- Signs with Atlanta
  16. Simulation: Al Jefferson UFA- Signs with Chicago
  17. Simulation: Seth Curry- Signs with Thunder
  18. Simulation: Aaron Afflalo signs with Lakers
  19. Simulation: Nicolas Batum (UFA) Signs with Houston
  20. Simulation: Tyler Johnson (UFA)- Signs with Portland
  21. Simulation: Ryan Anderson- Signs with Toronto
  22. Simulation: Courtney Lee signs with Bucks
  23. Simulation: Evan Fournier (RFA) Resigns with Magic
  24. Simulation: Wang Zhi Zhi
  25. Simulation: frederick Weis
  26. Simulation: Nick Young
  27. Simulation: Marreese Speights (UFA)- Signs with Hawks
  28. Simulation: UFA - Bismack Biyombo Signs with LAL
  29. Simulation: Tayshaun Prince (UFA)- Signs with NY Knicks
  30. Simulation: Festus Ezeli- Signs with Lakers
  31. Simulation: Bradley Beal (RFA) Resigns with Wizards
  32. Simulation: Harrison Barnes SF- Signs with Celtics
  33. Simulation: Chandler Parsons (UFA)- Signs with Warriors
  34. Simulation: Allen Crabbe, SF (RFA) Signs with Pelicans
  35. Simulation: JR Smith (UFA) Signs with NYK
  36. Simulation: Rajon Rondo (UFA)- Signs with Wizards
  37. Simulation: Kent Bazemore- Signs with Suns
  38. Simulation: Mindaugas Kuzminskas (UFA)- Signs with Heat
  39. Simulation: Luc Mbah a Moute (UFA)- Signs with NY Knicks
  40. Simulation: Deron Williams (UFA) Signs with Miami Heat
  41. Simulation: Leando Barbosa (UFA)- Signs with Blazers
  42. Simulation: Nene Hilario (UFA) Signs with Spurs
  43. Simulation: Jon Leuer (UFA)- Signs with Warriors
  44. Simulation: Zaza Pachulia- Signs with Magic
  45. Simulation: Eric Gordon- Signs with Chicago
  46. Simulation: Joakim Noah- Signs with Pacers
  47. Simulation: Manu Ginobili Signs with Thunder
  48. Simulation: David West (UFA)- Signs with LA Clippers
  49. Simulation: Timofey Mozgov- Signs with Bulls
  50. Simulation: Cotey Clarke (UFA)- Signs with Miami
  51. Simulation: Mario Chalmers (UFA)- Signs with NY Knicks
  52. Simulation: Matthew Dellavedova- Signs with Warriors
  53. Simulation: Meyers Leonard, (UFA)- Signs with Warriors
  54. Simulation: Lance Stephenson- Signs with Pelicans
  55. Simulation: UFA - Raymond Felton Signs with Clippers
  56. Simulation: Jeremy Lin (UFA) Signs with Bulls
  57. Simulation: Marvin Williams Signs with Denver Nuggets
  58. Simulation: Brandon Jennings UFA Signs with Pacers
  59. Simulation: Matt Barnes (UFA)- Signs with Denver
  60. Simulation: Andre Iguodala- Signs with Cavs
  61. Simulation: UFA - Jerryd Bayless- Signs with Milwaukee
  62. Simulation: PF Boris Diaw- Signs with Pelicans
  63. Simulation: Andre Drummond signs with Celtics
  64. Simulation: Joe Johnson UFa signs with Bucks
  65. Simulation: Samuel Dalembert (UFA)- Signs with Heat
  66. Simulation: Mirza Teletovic (UFA) Signs with Bucks
  67. Simulation: Ian Mahinmi (UFA)- Signs with Raptors
  68. Simulation: Marcus Thornton (UFA)- Signs with NY Knicks
  69. Simulation: Roy Hibbert (UFA)- Signs with NY Knicks
  70. Simulation: Boban Marjanovic- Signs with Blazers
  71. Simulation: Ben Simmons Signs with Cavs
  72. Simulation: Kirk Hinrich- Signs with Thunder
  73. Simulation: Mike Miller- Signs with Thunder
  74. Simulation: Chris Andersen- Signs with Thunder
  75. Simulation: Amar'e Stoudemire UFA Signs with PHX
  76. Simulation: D'Angelo Russell UFA- Signs with Warriors
  77. Simulation: Jared Dudley UFA- Signs with Bucks
  78. Simulation: Josh Smith- Signs with Minnesota
  79. Simulation: Lorenzo Brown- Signs with Minnesota
  80. Simulation: E'Twaun Moore, UFA- Signs with Warriors
  81. Simulation: Jared Sullinger, UFA- Signs with Pistons
  82. Simulation: PF - Julius Randle- Signs with Suns
  83. Simulation: Evan Turner- Signs with Bucks
  84. Simulation: Lance Thomas- Signs with Bucks
  85. Simulation: Cole Aldrich- Signs with Rockets
  86. Simulation: Jeff Green- Signs with Miami Heat
  87. Simulation: DJ Augustin- Signs with Rockets
  88. Simulation: Jordan Hill- Signs with Magic
  89. Simulation: Paul Zipser - Undrafted FA
  90. Simulation: Iman Shumpert- Signs with Lakers
  91. Simulation: Gerald Henderson- Signs with Bulls
  92. Simulation: Brandon Bass- Signs with Raptors
  93. Simulation: Trevor Booker- Signs with Rockets
  94. Simulation: Solomon Hill- Signs with Spurs
  95. Simulation: Udonis Haslem, Gerald Green, JJ Barea