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  1. Pujols or D. Lee
  2. Ramon Hernandez - Best Catcher In Baseball?
  3. Trevor Hoffman or Mariano Rivera
  4. Best Ballparks?
  5. Raul Ibanez or Jermaine Dye
  6. All-DL team
  7. fattest player ever
  8. Best catcher?
  9. Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Cole Hammels or Justin Verlander
  10. Rod Carew vs. Joe Morgan
  11. Willie Mays vs. Ted Williams
  12. jose reyes or jimmy rollins
  13. Kershaw vs. Lincecum
  14. Rowand Vs. Jones
  15. Baseball's top 20 young pitchers
  16. David Price or Clayton Kershaw?
  17. Edison Volquez/Tim Lincecum
  18. David Wright Or Ryan Braun
  19. AL vs NL
  20. Lance Berkman v. Albert Pujols
  21. Fastest Runner in the MLB???
  22. Sweetest Swing in Baseball...
  23. Nolan Ryan vs. Randy Johnson
  24. Kemp or Bruce
  25. Best Players to start a team around?
  26. Jason Giambi vs. Jason Bay
  27. Nick Markakis vs. Jeff Francoeur
  28. Ichiro v. Fukudome
  29. Scott Rolen vs Eric Chavez
  30. Who will end up with the most hits in his career?
  31. Best overall pitcher in majors?
  32. Greatest righthander of all time
  33. Best all-around SS in the NL East?
  34. Who has the best arm in baseball?
  35. Hamilton vs. Sizemore
  36. Daisuke Matsuzaka-Cliff Lee
  37. Whos the fastest runner in MLB?
  38. Who would you Rather Have in Their Primes?
  39. A-Rod vs. Ramirez
  40. Best Power Hitter in the MLB
  41. Utley vs Berkman
  42. 2 comparisons
  43. Burnett or Hamels
  44. Justin Duchscherer or Joe Saunders
  45. Evan Longoria vs. Jacoby Ellsbury
  46. Ryno Vs. Morgan
  47. Who Would You Rather Have - Sizemore or Markakis
  48. Best closer in the game?
  49. Martin vs. Mauer
  50. Chase Utley or Jose Reyes?
  51. Doc vs. Lee (This season only)
  52. Abreu or J.D Drew?
  53. Morneau vs Ortiz
  54. David Wright vs A-Rod
  55. Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez
  56. Lance Berkman or Mark Teixeira
  57. Grady Sizemore vs. Josh Hamilton
  58. Morneau or Hamilton
  59. Ben Sheets or Cliff Lee?
  60. Tori Hunter or Bobby Abreu?
  61. Best catcher in baseball?
  62. McCann, Soto, or Martin?
  63. Sabathia vs. Santana
  64. Mets vs Yankees
  65. Monreau or Ryan Howard?
  66. Prince Fielder or Kevin Youkilis
  67. Worst Yahoo Profile Pics
  68. Prime: Ken Griffey Jr or Barry Bonds?
  69. Pujols or Howard
  70. Chase Utley or Ian Kinsler
  71. Corey Hart or Nick Markakis
  72. Jose Boose Reyes
  73. Where Does Ortiz-Manny Rank Among Best 3-4 Of All-Time?
  74. My All Pro Team
  75. 2005 Adam Everett vs. 2005 Derek Jeter?
  76. Michael Pelfrey vs. Phillip Hughes
  77. Dice-K or Oswalt
  78. Who has the best 3 4 punch in baseball now?
  79. Sabathia VS. Harden
  80. Ugliest Swings vs. Prettiest Swings
  81. All 90s Team
  82. Swing
  83. K-Rod vs. Rivera vs. Hoffman
  84. Roger Clemens vs. Curt Schiling
  85. K-Rod or Lidge?
  86. Ryan Howard or Adam Dunn?
  87. Who is the best player of all time?
  88. K-Rod vs. Joe Nathan
  89. Ozzie vs. Omar?
  90. Down by 3 with bases loaded bottom of the 9th who do you want batting for your team?
  91. Kubel > Hunter?
  92. Minor League Comparison
  93. Haren vs. Webb
  94. Youkilis vs. Nady
  95. Best Position Player of All-Time
  96. Best Pitcher of All-Time
  97. Best Closer in MLB?
  98. Best Brother combo
  99. Better splitter
  100. best minors
  101. Lincecum Or Hamels
  102. Best single season of all-time? (Position player)
  103. Best single-season of all time? (Pitcher)
  104. Which former Bullpen pitcher turned starter?
  105. A-Rod (as a SS) or Prime Ken Griffey
  106. Best Set up Man in baseball
  107. Pedroia or Cano?
  108. Brian McCann vs. Russell Martin vs. Geovany Soto
  109. Homer Bailey or Philip Hughes?
  110. price or kershaw?
  111. Mike Jacobs or Adam LaRoche
  112. Kosuke Fukudome vs. Alexei Ramirez
  113. johan santana or roy halladay??
  114. Wilmer Flores or Tim Beckham
  115. Buster Posey or Matt Wieters
  116. Best pitcher with the nastiest pitch
  117. Red Sox or Phillies
  118. Jose Reyes vs. Dustin Pedroia
  119. Who would you rather have...
  120. Who's Better
  121. Matt Cain or Chad Billingsley?
  122. Best hitter of all time
  123. Which team would win?
  124. Top 5 Players In Baseball
  125. K-Rod? Or Lidge/Rivera/Nathan etc....
  126. Granderson or Sizemore?
  127. Dustin Pedroia vs. Ian Kinsler
  128. Michael Bowden vs. Jon Niese vs. Ian Kennedy
  129. Jeter Vs Rose
  130. tim lincecum or brandon webb
  131. Bernie Williams or Carlos Beltran?
  132. Phil Hughes vs Clay Buchholz vs Homer Bailey
  133. NL CY - Lincecum V Santana
  134. Willie Mays vs Mickey Mantle
  135. Better prospect-David Price or Clayton Kershaw?
  136. Pedroia vs. Utley!
  137. Who has a better "Change Up"?
  138. Kendrick or Pedroia or Kinsler; best of them in 2-3 years.
  139. Papelbon vs. Nathan?
  140. League Wide Vote
  141. AL Catcher
  142. NL First Baseman
  143. AL First Baseman
  144. AL First Baseman
  145. Explanation for the polls
  146. heres a good one for you guys
  147. AL Second Baseman:
  148. Is David Wright a top 5 player?
  149. NL Second Baseman
  150. NL Second Baseman
  151. NL Shortstop
  152. Most Popular on PSD: Lincecum or Joba ???
  153. RUTH vs COBB
  154. best team of all time between these 2
  155. J Up,Drew, Jackson and CY vs. Kemp, Loney, Dewitt, Ethier
  156. Barry Zito vs. Joe Blanton
  157. A-Rod+Jeter or Lowell+Pedroia
  158. Bartlett's Defense/Longoria's Offense
  159. Phil Hughes vs. Clay Buchholz
  160. AJ Burnett or Jon Garland..... Who would you rather have?
  161. Wang vs. Matsuzaka
  162. who is better
  163. lidge vs krod
  164. Brandon Phillips or Orlando Hudson?
  165. Carl Pavano vs. a Stick
  166. McCann vs. Mauer
  167. what would u rather do
  168. Holliday or Peavy? (yes I realize it's odd)
  169. Carl Pavano vs. Mike Hampton
  170. Incredible Pitching Vs Unstopable Offense
  171. Best 1-2 pitching punch of last year
  172. Hiroki Kuroda vs. Johan Santana
  173. Adam Eaton vs. A Vacuum Cleaner
  174. Jon Miller .vs. Joe Morgan
  175. Dice-K, saunders, or Bhurele
  176. Who is worth more?
  177. Harden vs Billingsley
  178. Is Peavy a top 5 pitcher in baseball?
  179. Edgar Renteria vs. Orlando Cabrera
  180. Josh Beckett vs. A.J. Burnett
  181. Cole Hamels vs. Jon Lester
  182. Haren vs. Beckett
  183. Who would be a better #2 pitcher?
  184. Grady Sizemore VS. Curtis Granderson
  185. pedro vs. koufax
  186. dunn vs. tony gwynn.....sabermetrics
  187. Braun vs. Longoria
  188. Brett Myers v Zach Greinke
  189. Matt Cain vs. Felix Hernandez
  190. Colby Rasmus vs. Travis Snider
  191. Magglio Ordonez or Jermaine Dye
  192. Moose vs. Curt schilling
  193. Beltran vs. Granderson
  194. Lincecum or Prior?
  195. Roy Halladay or Roy Oswalt Battle#2
  196. Justin Upton or Matt Kemp
  197. Arod vs pujols
  198. Tulowitzkior betancourt
  199. Mark Buehrle or Ted Lilly
  200. Carlos Marmol vs. Francisco Rodriguez
  201. #1 Starter
  202. Hawpe or Guillen?
  203. CC Sabathia vs. Johan Santana
  204. Help settle a dispute
  205. Reynolds or Cano
  206. Ortiz or Manny
  207. reynolds and cano2
  208. Bonds vs. pedro
  209. jose guillen or adrian beltre
  210. Price vs. Joba
  211. Who do u think is better?
  212. Best closer in New York?
  213. Best Japanese Player?
  214. Which Rookie Would You Want
  215. Who is/was the best Leadoff hitter of all-time?
  216. Greatest pitcher of all time?
  217. Ervin Santana or Jon Lester
  218. CC vs Santana
  219. Soriano vs. Quentin
  220. MLB Ballparks: Best To Worst
  221. Stephen Drew or J.J Hardy?
  222. who has the better team?
  223. Todd Helton Vs. Albert Pujols
  224. Adrian Gonzalez Vs. Mark Teixeira
  225. Barry Bonds or Babe Ruth
  226. duncan vs duncan
  227. All-divoion team
  228. Grady Sizemore or Carlos Beltran
  229. Mike Schmidt vs. Brooks Robinson
  230. Lincecum vs Halladay
  231. Lincecum's Career Stats
  232. Better 3B - Brooks or Schmidt
  233. Dwight Evans or Jim Rice who was more valuable?
  234. Best Pitcher in todays game?
  235. Collins or Hornsby
  236. Blake Street Bombers
  237. Aramis Ramirez Vs. Troy Glaus
  238. Best Player in NL East
  239. Joe Dimmagio and The season of 1942
  240. Best 3 hitters since 1930 using best 7 seasons
  241. Who's better Sabathia or Beckett?
  242. Glavine or Johnson?
  243. BJ Upton or Curits Graderson
  244. Evan Longoria
  245. Longoria vs. Braun
  246. Michael Young vs Orlando Cabrera
  247. Help me who is better....
  248. Koji Uehara vs. Kenshin Kawakami
  249. Dunn vs Matsui
  250. who's the better hitter: Arod or Pujols?