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  6. UPDATE: Cristiano Ronaldo to remain at Man U for another season
  7. Ronaldinho agrees to terms with Milan
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  9. 2008/09 Transfer Window/Player Movement Thread
  10. Villa accept Barry defeat with Liverpool
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  16. This guy is too good.....a good laugh
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  18. ANNOUNCEMENT: *Everyone Read*
  19. Why Wasn't England in the UEFA 2008 Euro Cup?
  20. Xavi named Player of Euro 2008
  21. Chelsea complete Deco deal
  22. Best Striker in the World right now
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  24. Possible Newcastle Takeover
  25. Brother of Joseph Yobo Kidnapped
  26. 2008/09 Transfer Window/Player Movement Thread Vol. 2
  27. Power Rankings!!
  28. Brazilian National team
  29. ProEvolutonSoccer 2008
  30. Claudio Reyna has retired from the...
  31. Ronaldinho signs 3year deal with AC Milan
  32. 2008 Beach Soccer World Cup
  33. Everything Portuguese ( National and club)
  34. Hleb completes Barca move
  35. Eriksson Lookalike Fools Mexico
  36. Robbie Keane to Liverpool
  37. single stupidest thing in the world
  38. Kaka desperate to join Chelsea
  39. New Boots
  40. Best personal soccer moment..
  41. Freddy Adu to play soccer in France
  42. Fabregas,Puyol,and Iniesta in Uzbeckistan.
  43. Rank the leagues of the World
  44. How many people would be interested in a Mock Transfer Window
  45. which league is better
  46. Paul Robinson signs for Blackburn
  47. Get more people in here......
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  49. Olympic Football Tournament 2008 - Beijing
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  51. Ronaldo:I'm joining Madrid next week.
  52. Juventus beat Arsenal
  53. Being that im from America
  54. Official: Van der Vaart to Real Madrid
  55. Premier League Fantasy
  56. Should Britain have an Olympic Soccer Team?
  57. UPDATE: Semifinals Matchups
  58. Soccer Re-Draft - Round 1: Man U vs. Grasshoppers
  59. Chelsea make Robinho bid
  60. Soccer Re-Draft Round 1: Benfica vs. West Ham
  61. Best Player In The World? LIONEL MESSI OF COURSE
  62. Better Striker in their prime.
  63. Soccer Re-Draft - Ropund 1: Celtic vs. Cronin's Crabapplr Tree Crusaders
  64. Favorite Player of All Time
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  66. Soccer Re-Draft Round 1: Real Madrid vs. Arsenal
  67. Frank Lampard signs nerw contract with Chelsea
  68. Premier League!!!
  69. Soccer Re-Draft Round 1: Barcelona vs. Torino
  70. Soccer Re-Draft Round 1: Chelsea vs. Liverpool
  71. Why do teams loan players to clubs within there leagues?
  72. Mario balotelli Ghana or Italy?
  73. Soccer Re-Draft Round 1: Inter Milan vs. Lyon
  74. Promotion to the EPL
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  76. Zenit St Petersburg defeats Manchester United in UEFA Super Cup
  77. Game You are looking forward to.
  78. Official Champions League Thread
  79. Inter agree Quaresma fee
  80. Robinho signs with Manchester City!!!
  81. Man U seal deal for Berbatov
  82. Soccer Re-Draft Quarterfinals - AC Milan vs. Benfica
  83. Mark Hughes and Juande Ramos
  84. Quarterfinal Match: Lyon vs. Arsenal
  85. If you were a billionaire....
  86. Quarterfinal Match: Barca vs. Celtic
  87. Official Juventus Thread:
  88. Quarrterfinal Match: Grasshoppers vs. Liverpool
  89. Milan denies signing nine-year-old
  90. Nery castillo
  91. FIFA Regulations
  92. USMNT FANS Check-in
  93. Semifinal Match: Barca vs. Lyon
  94. Liverpool FC Squad.
  95. A question about Liverpool.....
  96. Best Striker In The World?
  97. Formation:
  98. Semifinal Match: AC Milan vs. Liverpool
  99. Best Team In The World?
  100. Best american footballer
  101. Can Spain win the world Cup?
  102. Kiki Musampa...to Wrexham???
  103. with babel and torres out is this pennants chance?
  104. Alex Ferguson to rest weary Cristiano Ronaldo for Celtic clash
  105. Milan confirm Beckham bid
  106. Soccer lookalikes.
  107. Freddie Ljungberg to the MLS!!!
  108. Liverpool top of the table!
  109. Cristiano Ronaldo voted FIFPro World Player of the Year
  110. Diego Maradona to coach Argentina!
  111. fantasy league
  112. Messi Spits at Opponent.
  113. Will Anorthosis
  114. Soccer Re-Draft Final: Barca vs. AC Milan
  115. Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United
  116. Wich is best club in History?
  117. Darren Bent
  118. Question about Tottenham Hotspur
  119. Payroll
  120. Landon Donovan set to begin a
  121. Knee surgery ends Van Nistelrooy's season
  122. Free players June 2009
  123. Favorite Jerseys
  124. Funny clip about Mexicos National team.
  125. The Official Blackburn Rovers Thread
  126. Wich is the biggest club match in the world?
  127. Madrid bring in Ramos for Schuster
  128. Champions league draw who makes it to the quarter finals?
  129. Official AC Milan Thread
  130. Upcoming Transfer Window
  131. Becks
  132. Steven Gerrard in legal trouble
  133. English Non League Player Sets Fastest Ever Red Card Record
  134. BBC's Premier League Transfer Window Breakdown
  135. Jermaine Defoe back to Tottenham
  136. Landon Donovan loaned to Bayern Munich
  137. Like diver
  138. Donovan played his first game for Bayern Munich
  139. Kaka to Man City?
  140. Arsenal Fans let youself be heard
  141. 'Brutal' Lennon Attackers Jailed
  142. Podolski seals Cologne return
  143. Euro 2012
  144. Man City Owner Contemplates Buying Chelsea As Well?
  145. Russia Enters Race to Host 2018
  146. AC Milan wants beckham to stay
  147. Jozy Altidore is on loan to Xerez
  148. Who is the best soccer player in the world today?
  149. Guus Hiddink to ber named new coach at Chelsea
  150. Game threads?
  151. Have you guys heard or watched...
  152. Choose your formation
  153. Lyon coach states Barca best in world...
  154. Your Winning Eleven
  155. Futsal
  156. The Official Toronto FC Thread
  157. Looking for ALL MLS Soccer team logos in high resolution
  158. Greatest striker in the past 10 years?
  159. A Sad, Sad Story
  160. Tevez settlement reached
  161. Official Seattle Sounders Thread
  162. Champions league predictions
  163. Soccer's Olympic Future In Doubt
  164. Four Nations Tournament Announced For 2011
  165. Berbatov or Tevez
  166. ALL time dream team
  167. Newcastle set to confirm the appointment of Alan Shearer as their new manager
  168. Fifa Rankins are they good?
  169. Next continent to win World Cup
  170. Club vs International
  171. Rio Ferdinand vs. Carlos Puyol
  172. Sven-Goran Eriksson gone
  173. Wich teams do you root for in the Different teams you are intersted in ?
  174. Just how stupid is this?
  175. Ronaldo Bidding Begins Again
  176. Should a rule avoid current situation of champions league?
  177. Wich champions league final would you like more to watch?
  178. What are fixtures you would most like to attend?
  179. 2 Tier Premier League
  180. Everton beats Man U to advance to FA Cup
  181. Juventus must play next home game in closed doors
  182. Tevez done with Man U after the year?
  183. Klinsmann no longer Bayern coach!!
  184. Fabio Cannavaro to go back to Juventus?
  185. Toffees land US starlet
  186. 11-Strong Simulation
  187. Will Ronaldo be known as the BEST ever?
  188. Can Barcelona hit a Hat Trick?
  189. Werder Bremens Diego set to join Juventus....
  190. where can i download games?
  191. Create your own starting XI
  192. Juventus fires....
  193. Shaktar Donestk wins the (last) UEFA Cup
  194. Ronaldo to leave Manchester United?
  195. Which team do you love to hate?
  196. Diego finalises Juventus switch
  197. Champions League Final: Barcelona vs Man Utd
  198. FA Cup Final: Everton v Chelsea
  199. Chelsea close on Zhirkov
  200. Report: Nedved to return for another year?
  201. Official Arsenal Thread v. 2.0
  202. Robinho wants to return to Santos
  203. Genoa completes move for Inter's Crespo
  204. Ancelotti Officially Leaving AC Milan; Leonardo Named New Manager
  205. The European Summer Transfers Thread 2009
  206. Kaka & Real Madrid - Done Deal? - 65M
  207. Gareth Barry completes move to Manchester City...
  208. Managerial Moves Thread
  209. Toulon Festival - The Young Guns Tournament
  210. Future coaches
  211. Juventus Offseason News Thread
  212. Confederations Cup Thread:
  213. Hammers sold to CB Holding
  214. What does your screen name mean?
  215. Owen to stay with Newcastle?
  216. Soccer Broadcaster on 'brink of collapse!'
  217. Real still looking to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo
  218. EPL Finances
  219. Newcastle Magpies
  220. United accept Ronaldo offer
  221. Transfer Fees - Records
  222. US is going to get a major boost.....
  223. Do they need to have more ref's on field.
  224. David Villa to ManU?
  225. Football Manager 2009
  226. Who's your starting XI on FIFA
  227. Will Ronaldo suffer the same fate as Ronaldinho?
  228. Ronaldo or Messi
  229. Torres or C. Ronaldo
  230. Valencia no longer selling Villa
  231. Who is the most overrated club?
  232. Liverpool make Glen Johnson their first sigining
  233. If you could have any one player on your team...
  234. Jozy Altidore to Fulham?
  235. Favorite Player not from...?
  236. Raul Albiol heading to Real Madrid
  237. Theirry Henry Could Play for NY Red Bulls in 2011
  238. Man City make big offer to Eto'o
  239. Will Nani be the next "Ronaldo" for United?
  240. Man Utd closing in on Valencia signing
  241. US could be benefiting from the new FIFA rule yet again!
  242. UPDATE: Benzema close to signing with Real Madrid
  243. Random Questions Thread
  244. Michael Owen to Man U?
  245. Fabregas pricetag = 50 Million.
  246. How does one get World Cup Tickets?
  247. Real Madrid president wants a "Super League"
  248. More on Champions League
  249. World Cup 2010
  250. The Official FC Barcelona Thread - Triplete: your dream, our reality