Members of PSD,

After deliberation amongst the moderating staff, we are now allowing all users to embed images and GIFs into your posts. Please follow these rules (which will also be added to the Site Rules thread) for posting images and GIFs:

-Embedded images and GIFs must be the same size as signature images, which is 500 wide x 170 tall (pixels).

-Images or GIFs that contain any of the following will be removed and may eventually lead to infractions that equal to the corresponding rule (i.e. baiting, trolling, racism, etc.)

Sexually provocative images (NSFW)
Illegal drugs
Curse words or images representing foul language
Baiting other teams or users
Violating any other rule on PSD

This announcement will also be posted and stickied in each of the main sports forums. Moderators and Team Managers are welcome to post the announcement in your own forum as well. Please contact myself or Rush, or post in those threads with any questions.