We have decided to bring back banned users. We will be going over them on a case by case basis, so not all will return. We will rescind five infraction points from them, setting them at 20 points. They will be on a zero tolerance policy, so they must not continue their old ways. If they do, they will be infracted accordingly. If they reach the 25 point threshold then they will be permanently banned for good. No third chances.

Because banned users will have some of their points rescinded, all users will also have the chance to have five points wiped clean from their account. In order to do this, we have a designated thread for this. Posters who want their five points removed, please post in said thread saying you want them taken off. In the case that a user has less than five points, we will wipe their slate clean to zero, but won't have future points removed to make up the difference. The thread link is at the bottom of this post.

Please be patient with us because the process of returning users may take awhile and there are sure to be a lot of users asking for points to be rescinded.