Hey guys, killthesux here, Im looking to create a brand new Pokemon Battle League here on PSD, Looking to get about 12-16 teams, If anyone is familiar with Battle Leagues on Youtube such as the GBA (Global Battle Association) and WBE (World Battle Entertainment). We will be drafting pokemon thru structured Tiers I will create thru a Google Doc, 1 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2, 2 Tier 3, 1 Tier 4, 1 Tier 5, 1 Mega Pokemon, 1 Z-Crystal along with 4 free slots where you get 400 points to spend, You can alter your free point total by drafting a higher or lower tier Mega, the higher the Mega the lower your free point total is, the lower the higher your free point total is. We will be battling once a week using a site called Pokemon Showdown, If you are new to Pokemon or have only played a couple generations use that and help you practice with the Mons that you have drafted, learn type advantages and disadvantages, Items, Abilities, Field Hazards and so much more. It will be roughly about 12-13 week schedule with playoffs to decide our champion, Winner gets bragging rights and an advantage in season 2. Im also looking for a Co-Commish so if your interested PM me.

Looking to start this around the beginning of July

Sign Ups Here-- http://forums.prosportsdaily.com/sho...7#post32385397