PSD members,

Ever since Rush and I took over the reigns from SI last year, we've tried our best to make the site better for all of you. We've rolled back a little on the rules and tried to be a bit more lax. We've brought back most banned members to give them a shot at contributing again. One of the other things that was a popular idea, and has been brought up a few times since then, is the idea of consolidating forums so that discussion is more centrally located.

Tonight was the first step in this process. Most categories were reorganized to show the emphasis on sports discussion here. What we did will be listed below, and some changes can still result from this. Step two will be looking inside each specific category (i.e. Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc) and seeing what we can consolidate from there, and how can we organize things in the main forums to accommodate these changes.

If you have any ideas to share, or any feedback, please reply to this thread in the General Questions and Concerns forum.

1.) We combined the Welcome to PSD category and the F/S category as the first category you will see.

2.) Each sport category will be listed after this. We have also agreed that we will move forums around as they are in season. So right now, the list will be: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey. After the World Series, the baseball forum will be at the back of that list. When the Super Bowl is over, the same goes for the Football forum. Following the NBA and NHL Finals, they will head back to the end. This was something mentioned multiple times as well

3.) We've broken Wrestling, MMA and Boxing out of the Other Sports category into their own new category called "Fight Sports"

4.) Other Sports has had one forum removed already, and others moved into the Fight Sports category.

5.) The General Discussion forums have moved to the bottom of the page.

6.) We've rolled the Politics forum into the General category now, and are going to test out the Religion and Science thread being subforums of the Politics category. We still want each discussion to be separate, but since a lot of the same posters visit those three sections, having them in a one-spot stop seemed like an idea to try.

7.) Health and Fitness and the Food and Beverage forums are in the General category, but they are on the chopping block. If we do not see more activity in those forums over the next three months, they will be combined into the General Discussions forum.

If you would like to discuss these changes, and any others you might see being beneficial, please use this thread-